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5 Ways We Lose Our Energy

For this post, I wrote the most on number one because I find it not only the most impacting on lives, but the most neglected. I challenge you to appropriate this practice into your life everyday for one week, then facebook message me your results.

1) Not Enough Time for Self

There are two key principles that apply to all human beings and it is like the law of gravity – it exists whether you acknowledge it or not. First, our innermost being, our soul, craves solace. Solace is cheer, support, relief, and consolation. Our soul is the activity of our mind and the seat of our emotions and passions. Undoing negative thinking and healing ourselves is done in the sanctuary of solitude. Setting time aside in silence to pray or meditate on positive thoughts has been scientifically proven to restore emotional strength and stamina.  This practice is best accomplished first thing in the morning, with positive, restorative prayer and meditations. When we spend at least 15 to 30 minutes with the Creator of our souls, reflecting on promises, peace and positive truths, the course of our day will likely follow.

In lifestyle coaching assessments, we look at work-life balance as an area of wellness. Therefore, the second  principle is engaging in non-work activities. We were all created with gifts, talents and skills. These activities, such as volunteering, painting, writing, sports, cooking, etc., needs to be scheduled weekly. These recreational activities release endorphins and dopamine hormones, which can increase our energy and coping skills. It also keeps us developing ourselves personally, outside of work or parenting. Something else may have to be sacrificed, like leaving work early or getting a baby sitter, but God is not a workaholic, nor should you be one either.

2) Being Over-Committed

If you have a full time commitment that takes the bulk of your energy, (i.e., work, parenting, caregiver, etc.), then any surplus of energy after those commitments need to be carefully analyzed. Remember! Your energy is a precious resource! These two principles will help you to exert your energy when and where it is most needed.

  1. Prioritize. Exert any surplus energy into the activities that will enhance the lives of those closest to you starting with yourself, then family, then church, school and community come after.

  2. Pause. Do not commit to an activity out of guilt, compulsion or your own impulsiveness. Always say, “Let me check first”.

3) Being Over-Carbed, Over-Caffeinated

When we consume caffeine or carbohydrates we do get a quick blood sugar spike, only to be short-lived and followed by more fatigue. Over-carbsumption, a phrase coined by one of my favorite books It Starts With Food, is an epidemic in our society. The Mayo Clinic cites that added sugars in our food and drinks alone is causing over-carbsumption and a plethora of health issues. Quick fixes don't last and over eating carbohydrates can lead to more dangerous problems other than lack of energy. To not incur sudden drops in blood sugar, Increase your diet in protein, fruits and vegetables, and H2O!

4) Lack of Adequate Exercise

Instead of quick fixes like caffeine and sugar, incorporate short intervals of low to medium intensity exercise. A study cited by ACE noted that those who participated in this lifestyle change noted a 65% increase in energy. Cleveland Clinic suggest 150 minutes of exercise a week to stay healthy. But to stay energized 20 minutes of fast pace walking, climbing stairs or vacuuming can increase your energy levels and your mood!

5) Fear and Worry

Energy is a commodity that we receive for the present. It is not to be spent on the past, nor on the future. Fear and worry are kissing cousins that emotionally and mentally exhaust our being. We need to train our thoughts to not go there. We need to focus our thoughts on the blessings of the day and direct them towards gratefulness for what we have instead of what we don't, and we will become energized. Meditate and pray for others regularly, and you will find yourself worrying less about yourself.

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