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Why Do Goals Matter?

Setting and accomplishing goals actually helps us overcome trials and tribulations. Accomplishment breeds perseverance, self worth and confidence. The next "life interruption" might very well be your next challenge. A divorce, a death, a job loss or a sick child all require perseverance.


1. Be open to new ideas.

Sometimes something you never would have tried to accomplish might be the achievement that prepares you for the next trial in life, or courage to do that one thing on your bucket list.

2. Pick the area that robs you of your peace of mind.

We perform a Lifestyle Wellness Assessment on clients to find out which area needs some changes to improve peace of mind and improve quality of life. Most clients can identify them in this list: Physical, Emotional, Relational, Occupational, Recreational, Mental, Spiritual.

3. Find an accountability partner.

Statistics show that people who work out alone have as low as a 43% success rate, opposed to those who work out with a partner who show up to a 95% success rate. This is standard principle in all areas of life. 

4. Write down your goal and verbalize it.

Okay you might feel silly, but it works! Studies show that when an idea is "inside you" it doesn't become a reality until it is verbalized. Next Step Navigation listens very carefully to what a client says and documents it. Many times when we reflect back their words, they sometimes look at me with surprise and say "I said that?"

5. Get a tracking system in place.

If your goal is to lose weight then you need to track your progress. Many of our clients use Weight Watchers, or a smart phone app like My Fitness Pal or Lose It. We can also aid clients in their fitness journey through an action plan.

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